Work History

Océ Reprographic Technologies, Phoenix, AZ 1996–Present
Design, develop, and maintain system and application software to support Architectural, Engineering, and Contracting industries with digital distribution, print and scan control and optimization, and print shop management for both in-house and in reprographics markets.
Managing Director (2008–Present)
Provide vision and leadership for 51-member domestic team and 25-member offshore team in Romania and act as U.S. Software Development Manager and Technical Manager for R&D in Romania and Hungary.
  • Received HQ approval to develop Repro Desk Studio, currently the bestselling software product in portfolio, representing 68% of sales 2010 YTD.
  • Ensured security of IP by implementing proxy servers to limit access to inappropriate websites, IPSEC security for VPN connections, and establishing IT policy to reduce liability for inappropriate Internet use.
  • Kept expenses below budget three consecutive years and forced 5% budget reduction in 2009 due to cutbacks from headquarters.
  • Managed teams that released new product and 11 major versions of four products with CMMI productivity and quality ratings above 3.
  • Reduced development cost while increasing domestic productivity by integrating work of 25-member offshore team in Romania.
  • Authored strategic plan for Repro Desk 2.x that answered objections and presented strong business case that facilitated launch into Facilities Management market.

Software Development Manager (2002–2008)
Managed $5 million budget and 41-member team developing applications for Windows, server and web-based product lines. Oversaw teams in Romania, technology decisions, and milestone reporting.
  • Grew Repro Desk licenses to more than 1,000 while leading culture change focused on producing best software, on time, and on budget enabling addition of 25 offshore developers in Romania.
  • Converted existing black and white printing and scanning software to color three times faster than anticipated by Corporate.
  • Led teams to release 17 major versions of three products.
  • Took over and directed turnaround of disorganized leaderless project by restructuring team, establishing new technical leader and refactoring project plan and objectives.
  • Implemented Best Practices to support consistent promotion of corporate and product visions.

Research and Development Manager (1999–2002)
Directed 16-member team with $3 million budget developing, enhancing, and bringing software products to market ensuring end-user satisfaction globally.
  • Managed teams through three corporate acquisitions with employee turnover of less than 1% per year.
  • 200% sales increase for web and client/server applications facilitated by team releasing major product upgrades despite two acquisitions from 1999 to 2002.
  • Supervised teams in release of two new products and seven major versions of all three products.
  • Reduced web hosting costs from $50,000/month to $14,000/month after Oce acquisition from Autodesk by migrating over a terabyte of data from Autodesk Buzzsaw web farm to new colocated farm with no data loss and zero interruption to customers.

Software Development Team Lead (1996–1999)
Led eight developers producing client/server and Internet-based software and supported product line for reprographic market.
  • Contributed to expanding licenses from 32 to more than 3,000 and growing staff from 12 to 44 by implementing method to globalize software facilitating marketing and resale into Europe.
  • Provided leadership for team that developed four new releases of main product Repro Desk over two years plus numerous updates and patches supporting four new printers.
  • Designed and implemented the globalization of the software with the technology still in practice today.
  • Collaborated with clients, conducted research, and designed and implemented accounting module, a requirement for establishing an OEM deal.

Early Career Positions

Senior Software Engineer, StockVal, Inc., Phoenix, AZ
Contributor to Windows based Stock and mutual fund analysis and valuation software.

Software Developer, I/NET, Inc., Phoenix, AZ
Architected, designed and implemented prototypes for OS/2 based educational kiosks.

Systems Engineer, CYMA Systems, Inc., Phoenix, AZ
Instructed and contributed to conversion of DOS-based accounting system to Windows.

Software Developer, Clarion Software, Pompano Beach, FL
Produced DOS based compiler and application generation software.